Semper Fi Supply

Saiga 12

*on Backorder

Saiga 12 Pistol Grip

*on Backorder

Saiga 12 Tactical

saiga 12 pistol grip conversion

(Includes Low Brass


*on Backorder


Saiga 12 California Legal Version

**Bullet Button Modification to Be CA Legal Can Be Added To Any Saiga 12 For $100


Examples Of Saiga 12 Customizations

How SemperFiSupply Tests Every Weapon


California Legal Bullet Button with install


ACE Low Profile Receiver Block

(Required For Modular Stocks

Requires $30 Of Labor)


ACE Original Skeleton Stock


ACE Skeleton W/ Manual Folding Mechanism


Red Jacket Firearms Stock


Push Button Folding Mechanism


ACE Recol Pad


Tapco Polymer Folding Stock


Tapco T6 6 Position Stock for Saiga and Ak-47


Kick Lite Recoil Absorbing Stock


Tapco T6 Recoil Pad


AK47 Stock Recoil Pad


Saiga 12 Phantom Door Breach/ Flash Hider


Saiga 12 Phoenix Flame Door Breech


Chaos Door Breech/ Brake/ Flash Hider


JTE Competition Brake



Billet Aluminum AR-15 Trigger Guard

(Requires AR-15 Pistol Grip and $30 of Labor)


HOGUE Rubber Pistol Grip AK47 BLK




UTG Saiga 12 Quad Rail


JTE Competition Magwell

(Requires an Extra $30 of Labor)


JTE Performance Saiga Hammer/ Main Spring


CSS Low Brass Power Recoil Spring


Krebs Safety Selector



Saiga 12Extended Ambi Mag Release


Saiga 12 Tromix Firing Pin


Tromix Extended Charging Handle


MD-Arms Adjustable V-Plug


Stainless Saiga 12 Puck


CSS Performance Puck


Modified and polished hammer(Contact Points)$30

Modified and polished bolt carrier (Contact Points) $30

Exterior Carrier Polish $99

Modified and polished bolt (Contact Points) $35

Mirror Bolt Complete Polish $100

Trigger & Polish Job $60

Trigger Polish $20

Sear polish $20

Axis pins polish $20

BHO Polish $20

Modular Folding stocks Require an extra $30 of Labor

AR-15 Billet Trigger Guard Requires an extra $30 of Labor

Competition Magwell Requires an Extra $30 of Labor

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