Semper Fi Supply

Saiga 12


Saiga 12 Pistol Grip

(Does Not Include Low Brass Modifications)


Saiga 12 Tactical Conversion

saiga 12 pistol grip conversion

(Includes Low Brass

Modifications Listed Below Under Conversion)



Saiga 12 California Legal Version

**Bullet Button Modification to Be CA Legal Can Be Added To Any Saiga 12 For $100


(10 Round SGMT Magazine Not Included With Basic Conversion)


Fully converted saiga 12 done the right way!

These shotguns are not simply thrown together, on the contrary they are professionally gunsmithed and modified to increase reliability.

Our Work Includes:

  • Ak-47 stock and Saw Pistol Grip
  • Tapco g2 trigger
  • Modified Bolt Hold Open
  • Modified Gas Ports
  • Modified Gas Block
  • Axis plate retainer upgraded for retaining pins
  • All holes drilled and taped with allen screws
  • Full Testing Before Delivery



Includes all parts and labor on the firearm- Magazines not included

Modification Options Listed Below

Examples Of Saiga 12 Customizations

How SemperFiSupply Tests Every Conversion


California Legal Bullet Button with install


ACE Low Profile Receiver Block

(Required For Modular Stocks

Requires $30 Of Labor)


ACE Original Skeleton Stock


ACE Skeleton W/ Manual Folding Mechanism


Red Jacket Firearms Stock


Push Button Folding Mechanism


ACE Recol Pad


Tapco Polymer Folding Stock


Tapco T6 6 Position Stock for Saiga and Ak-47


Kick Lite Recoil Absorbing Stock


Tapco T6 Recoil Pad


AK47 Stock Recoil Pad


Saiga 12 Phantom Door Breach/ Flash Hider


Saiga 12 Phoenix Flame Door Breech


Chaos Door Breech/ Brake/ Flash Hider


JTE Competition Brake



Billet Aluminum AR-15 Trigger Guard

(Requires AR-15 Pistol Grip and $30 of Labor)


HOGUE Rubber Pistol Grip AK47 BLK




UTG Saiga 12 Quad Rail


JTE Competition Magwell

(Requires an Extra $30 of Labor)


JTE Performance Saiga Hammer/ Main Spring


CSS Low Brass Power Recoil Spring


Krebs Safety Selector



Saiga 12Extended Ambi Mag Release


Saiga 12 Tromix Firing Pin


Tromix Extended Charging Handle


MD-Arms Adjustable V-Plug


Stainless Saiga 12 Puck


CSS Performance Puck


Modified and polished hammer(Contact Points)$30

Modified and polished bolt carrier (Contact Points) $30

Exterior Carrier Polish $99

Modified and polished bolt (Contact Points) $35

Mirror Bolt Complete Polish $100

Trigger & Polish Job $60

Trigger Polish $20

Sear polish $20

Axis pins polish $20

BHO Polish $20

Modular Folding stocks Require an extra $30 of Labor

AR-15 Billet Trigger Guard Requires an extra $30 of Labor

Competition Magwell Requires an Extra $30 of Labor

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